Christopher Pires
web developer, computer technician



BTS SIO (specialized in computing) exam to be taken in june 2017. I chose option software development and web developer. I'm computing consultant in web development, computer maintenance, and give computing lessons.

Web developer, web integrator, webmaster and DataBase administrator in ScaenaGames.

I know HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL language and fundamental of javascript and python.

I know antivirus software, virtualbox, office 2013, wireshark and Packet Tracer.

Spoken language: French (native speaker), portuguese (fluent) and english B1.



  • Responsive

    If you want a responsive website, you are in the right place! Indeed, I can develop your site so that it is responsive, but that's not all. I can also take over an existing website and make it responsive so do not wait anymore!

  • WebSite

    Need a website ? Establish together a specific specifications and meet your expectations. From this moment, I would start the site and I would keep contact regularly with you to show you the progress!

  • Design

    Want to make the design of your dreams? Model or not, I would make your design without problem!

  • SEO

    Appearing in the front pages of search engines has never been easier than today. With the different methods to reference your website, you will quickly reach the top of list!

  • Maintenance

    A computer problem? I can repair your computer within 48 hours. I handle both hardware and software problems.

  • Courses

    You do not know anything about it in computer science and you would like to learn? I can teach you the basics in computing on Windows or Linux, as well as more complex courses or courses on development. If you want to be sure I can teach you what you want to know, feel free to send me a message and I will tell you if this is possible.

  • Advice

    Need a computer consultant? Whatever the subject, we can discuss it and I will accompany you in your projects.

  • Security

    Securing data and your websites is a crucial element for the sustainability of your business. My mission is therefore to guarantee you optimal security. If you are an individual, your security is also a priority.
    Risks that may compromise the security and integrity of your data may come from different sources and be malicious. Thus, I accompany you in setting up a security system on your computer or your website.

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